Thursday, July 29, 2010

random! (3)

words is words to some people. U simply talk, simply said this n that, simply promising but u have no courage to do anything, do u? really pissed me off.. seriosly, next time don't promise me anything if u can't do it ok? it's not the first time. and everytime u just make it as though it's nothing. and u don't feel guilty huh? i can do it on my own. and i can make it faster if u don't give ur sweet talk and act like u can do many things when in fact u din do anything.. i really emo rite now! Grr, why must i meet someone like u! Haizz..

This is it!

Just imagine this..... U know the truth about something yet u act sooo (imsorryforusingthisword) stupidly and be ignorant to do what's best about it..

take this as example la...

U know that smoking is bad.. U do know (thou without proper and high science educations) that smoking has terrible effects on ur health as well as people around u.. and u do know that a cigarette contains more than 4000 dangerous chemicals which with one inhalation may shorten ur lifetime by 6 mins.. but why are u still smoking??? Goshh what the heck! i dun mind u killing urself k? but think of ur kid a.k.a fetal + ur wife! Grr, seriosly u want ur baby to have some mental deformation izit? or u want ur wife to suffer from some serios respiratory illness by sitting near them and smoke!?

When GOD is soo KIND and generous for giving human a superbly-efficient-most-complex-wonders-most-developed-nervous system a.k.a brain + the ability to think and differentiating the fahey cts and the reality of something but yet human act so ignorant and do wateva they pleased with life! u dun have to be Einstein to think ok? cosss u just have to throw away ur ignorance and be more concern about others! yeah i wud call that man selfish for doing that! seriosly what the heck he's thinking! super annoying! and wifey, please.. no matter how much u respect ur hubby u shud be more concerned in taking care of ur health! just shove him away from u! like seriosly... i wud do that if that guy is my uncle or relatives!

One more thing i really wonder.. not out of curiosity but i really find this weird.. This : "A health practitioner's duty is to sustain a healthy environment and lifestyle of mankind. Plus, they need to work hard with all the professional skills and knowledges they get from years of study and implying it to provide proper and better health to human population!" (well said huh?) but like seriosly, why u spend 6-7 years of studying about diseases, epidemio, athemiology of diseases plus studying physiologic aspects of human body (alongtimeoflifespentonreadingsuperduperlythickbooks) but u kind of wasting it by doing things like say SMOKING!! gosh it is really super-duperly-annoying-and-extreme-idiotic-for-any-medical-practtioner-or-students to smoke! really i did think that way! i dun despised or look down at u guys but halloooo u above all person must know more and understand more about this ok! whats the use of u giving advices to 1000 patients regarding their health, participate in "NO Tobacco Campaign", learning about the consequences of diseases, reading thousands of journals when u wasting it stupidly by smokinG! *gash im super mad huh?*

And yeah i really agreed, totally agreed with my dean! he and all my lecturers have the same view about this! like seriosly, if u really appreciate ur career, ur effort and ur knowledges u will not do this.. And above all, i really cant believed that (lets focus in malaysia), that 4% of smokers population in Malaysia are women! to be exact women of age 20-35 years old! like WTH!! :( Its a drastic increase girls... and why u need to smoke girls? TOP reasons : diet, stress, the so called 'human-instincts-to-try-on-things'! WTH! U know the consequence later on? especially for pregnancy?? There alots of healthier way of dieting, of relieving stress than that ok! u can do much better but.... haiz this is no goood ok! smoking can develop TOLERANCE! its the same as drug addiction.. little by little ur tolerance build stronger... and there the story goes on!

soo people pleaz pleaz pleaz la be more aware of this kind of things! if i nag at u guys bou this pleaz dun be mad or ter'sentap' with me k coss u noe 'where i stand on'! n yeah, i will seriosly nag and super-showing-u-annoying-look ok! believe me! i will! those ppl who had experience bou this dun expect me to change k? like seriosly i nag at my dad till he wont smoke at home unless im asleep or far away from me! im not trying to pretend wana better health in this degree of world population.. but this is my right ok! soo i have every right to voice out my opinion and to stand for my right of having better health!

Like seriosszly!

*pss : sorry for the use of some harsh words while writing!

bla bla bla again! v4

The MICE is scaryyy.. It nearly bite me! and nearly jumped onto me!! Euhhh scary!

Luckily ends up well... Haiz im controlling my phobic now! its really.... Hope i wont have to encounter the same 'species' again next time... Mice mice..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random! (2)

Im sooooooooooooooo dead!

Dealing with my patient : the non-anasthetised mice a.k.a RATTT!!

Oh godd please please.. I hope it won't jump on me..
or screech.. bite me... or watsoeva!!
Im a bit nervous now!

Why cant i get human as my patient!
Geez now i have to inject some drugs on that mice!!
Grr, the scariest lab i'll ever attend!!

hope things went well tmlo!!
Hope i won't throw up! Or worst...... FAINT!

nite niteeeeeeeeeeee! =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I need a 'stress reliever'!! Huhu.. YAKSS! I dun want medicine.. I want something else... something something refreshing, lively and calming! Duh, not aromatherapy of corssz.. any suggestions?? Goshhh after 3 weeks studying, struggling, doing assignment i think my brain has broke down now.. not malfunction but becomes slower in action!! Gush gushh!! I cant sleep! thou i feel so sleepy and tired.. dun ask me to take any sleeping pills! No tranquiliizers! i dun wana be drugs-dependent person! i need something else!! Ohh GOD please help me find it out!! I dunno what i want! But as i said : I need something refreshing, lively and calming! But what cud that be?? Haiz curiosss!

Omo Health : don't leave me! OMO Brainy, please work more efficiently! Omo TIME : Please dun run out! Omo HOPE : Dun let me down! OMO Life : Help me live the best!

Week 3 @ UKM! XD

What else can i say.. I never been this super-extremely-busy! Yes i haven't been back home. And i have lots of work to do.. alot of assignments.. plus revising! Study getting tougher, alot of memorising and reading! hehe. i seldom online-ing now! eyh i mean i have not been chatting with dearie chatters for almost 3 weeks now! ohhh sometyme at FB, for awhile ony! hehe. Goshh i keep online-ing, browsing net for academics purposes ony! See, im soooo good girl ne!? ;) Hehe.

Btw, today! Haissz i think my labs today was really really terrible.. and yeah, i super BLUR today for TF lab! goshhh... see they gave us manual with super short instructions and its in Malay!! halooo... okie i am malaysian k? and i can understand of corse. just the thing is u noe how hard it is to interpret n actually understand all the Malay-scientific-terms when for years we've been studying it in english! and genius did it ok? they created a highly-tech machine but they only gave us a short instructions in handling, but OMGeeee, seriossly im not that good in mechanical things ok. so at the end, i have to ask the lab assistant, lecturer for 2,3 times before i managed to get it done. and hell yeah! we have to do like 5 amali within 2 hours 30 mins! like seriosly,5 groups.. and 1 machine for each amali must use for 20 mins and.. ok it took about 40 mins for one group, and goshhhh im the last person to leave the lab today! eyhhh hyperbola plaks. haha. im among the last 10 person leaving. haissz.. it never happened before,. im awis the top 10 first completed the experiments! but now, i created a new record!!

Hais haisz my idioticity conquering me now! why must i complaining all this huh? grrr... let go let go.. and this thursday it'll be the most challenging in my entire life.. pharmacology lab!! Huhu. not becos of the complexity of the human system or the toughness of this subject.. but it's becossss we have to .......... conduct a test..... to study.... pharmacokinetics and onset of actions..... of drugs..... on............ animals...... its not the cute puppy, nor the lovely kitty! its R.A.T! RAT! RAT! RAT! *please dun tell me u dunno what kind of animal is that cos i surely will campak u tu lautan hindi!* haha. its an animal that i hated... that i feel sooo euhhhh.... and i dunno whether i can handle it... Ok let me stress on!! its not the rat which been anasthetised.... its the fully concious rat! fully conscious... hell yeah, that means it can move... and it can walk.. it can screech! it can jump on me... it can bite meeeeeeeeeeee! HUAHHHHH Save me!!!

talking about it makes me wanna throw up now..... Huhu.... i hope i can do well without vomitting or worst fainted in the lab!! Aigoo, god god please bless me!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feel Like It!

New mission!

I really have to concentrate on my studies now! 8 subjects.. too much to handle!
alot to read.. alot of classes to attend to!! Hushh really not much free timeee! i super damn stress now.. but ermm boleh la kan? Living in the 10th floor, haha, i can scream my lungs out wheneva i feel like it! and i really do! its fun, really!! Hehe. After screaming, i feel refreshed and can focus more. Aigoo, how many more things to read. i need to read all this thick books! But *sigh* *sigh*.. gambateh Capu! =) u sure can make it.. XD

And counting down... i still have 3 more years left to finish my degree programme. and after that, i'll start working! Be a qualified pharmacist! haha. i dun really think of what im gonna do.. but maybe work in hospital, clinical area first for some experience. afterward, maybe either continue in Master programme (wah besar ek cita-cita!) Hehe. Or i think im interested in industrial! WOW so cool man! i cant imagine! ;) hehe. In a blink of eyes, im entering my 20s world! Hwaiting to me and to all of u guys! Be a great man n succeed in things u do! XD ~

U dun have to be richest.. U dun have to own the biggest corporation in the world! but u have to have abig and warm heart, a hand that could warm others and a life that benefits others! ;)

pss : i havent been back home for 1 week+ now! missy missy everyone!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

La La La La.. (part 2)

finally its over! Ermm nope its not that.. my life still super-hectic-busy-stressful as always.. but Hari Interaksi finally over! Yippie!~ So does my JOB! Haha. Know what? Im the event photographer! haha. OH the luckiest thing, i get to hold a new Sony T-series camera! Erm i forgot the model but it super duper amazingly-beautiful PINK Camera! haha. I just SYOK je using it! haha. Ohh no not the usual.. i din take my pics k? I took the event pics! haha.

Its super dead tiring and im sweating like hell! But ok la kan kan? And i conquer PA System!!! Sapura de songs ek? Di MTV @ KTSN! haha. Ok, OKEYS i need to TOPUP my Sleep! niteys!! :D

I DO! (Westlife)

I'm ready to begin this journey
Well I'm with you with every step you take
And we've got a whole lifetime to share
And I'll always be there
Darling this I swear

So please believe me
For these words I say are true
And don't deny me
A lifetime loving you
And if you ask will I be true
Do I give my all to you
I will say I do

So come on
Just take my hand
Oh come on
Lets make a stand for our love
But I know this is so hard to believe
So please

So please believe me
All these words I say are true
And don't deny me
A lifetime loving you
And if you ask will I be true
Do I give my all to you

And if you ask will I be true
Do I give my all to you

Then I will say I do….

Psss :: Im super in love......... with this song! ;)


Official announcements to make : I AM OFFICIALLY 20! <3
Haha.. Get it? im officially 20 years old now! To be exact, 20 years + 2 days old! Haha.

What a super duper 20th birthday i have last two days..
What? Expecting a grand celebration? Haha. In your dreams..
Ok this is what i did on the 22nd of july 2010 - for 24 hours!

Lectures : 8am - 1 pm
Lab : 2pm - 4.30 pm
Reach home around 7! Bath and i super duperly tired and sleep for 4 hours.
wake up at 11 to online and study and do assignment. and yeah mmg super 'SYOKS' la rite? ;) hehe.

Like seriosly i have no time at all nak lepaks! FOCUS babe focus!

Thanks for the wishes guys! Haha. Ada yg sangat EMO wish, ada yg sangat Memorable n significant wish and ada 'LOVE CONFESSION' wish! OMG! Hahaha.

I guess 20 years of CUTENESS and TALKATIVENESS Really have significant and huge effect ne? ;) Hehe. Thanks thanks~! i'll be living a life of 20s for 10 years from now on! Wish me luck and alwis forever love! =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back To UKM!

After 2 months holiday! Ermm not exactly 2 months.. hehe. dengan keberanian skip few activities! time passes real fast ne? Mana tau sudah mahu kembali ke UKM! :)

My new home : Plaza Rah! =) This is not a five-star condo/apartment! but still i think quite OK what! Better than last year! Haha, and the best thing is it is soo damn near to my faculty + KL Main City! Haha. Shopping complex la tu! i have the Master Bedroom all for myself!! Weee... Everything for me! N will shop for my house! ;) Hehe.

Guess what... Im soo into house cleaning! I cleaned the house on saturday! All by myself! of corz my dad keep complaining ask me to clean here n there.. But finally, i 'scold' him coss i ter'HIT' my head! Agak kuat menyebabkan otakku Malfunction sepanjang hari! Waka waka.

A new beginning for 2nd year/ 3rd semester... My mission : Of corz nak naikkan pointer!! OH soo going to die.. 8 subjects!! I hope i can do well! 'Watashi wa Saizen O Tsukushimasu!' =) Gambateh! +Hehe.. Oh i need to be smart la kan? Must be more strict dalam 'penyertaan aktiviti'! Haha. What kind of act? Mesti la external punya. ;) Less movies, less shopping! Everything must be less, less and less! :)

apapun, start tmlo! I hope i can wake up early! This is all becos of World Cup Final! Don't blame me please, its all becos FIFA scheduled the final on 12th july, 2.30am (Malaysia)! Huhu. Gamabteh Netherlands! =) Hehe. I know Paol predict Spain will win but Hwaiting Netherlands! Germany i love u for the dramatic and super fun games last nite! Geez, almost had a heart attack tapi the fact is : I love Muller! <3

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Realitinya ttg seorang ni.. Bakal graduate pada August 2013! Dari sebuah University kat KL! ;) Hehe. Jauh sgt kan rumah seorang ni dengan University ni.. Dalam 1 jam boleh sampai la kalau KL tu tak jam! ;) Haha. Kira July ni 2nd year.. WOW, seorang ni senior babe!! Dengar cite course seorang ada 23 boys for first year.. Aigoo, i taknak junior buddy k? Huhu. Tapi nak juga stalk junior!! Haha.

Apapun tadi seorang ni fikir, what actually my aim ek? what exactly i wana do! haiz, seorang ni agak confuse la.. ermm cehh sudah tiada masa untuk seorang jadi confuse ok? u just have to stay coll, study bebaik and teruskan sampai u grad! lagi 3 years je.. lagipun, kalau u quit, siapa nak bayar rm250K pada JPA tu!! :(

soo motif sy adalah menasihati seorang ni supaya jangan fikir lagi soalan "kenapa aku belajar course ni ek?".. actually seorang ni dia tiada matlamat nyata dalam hidup. maybe rezeki dia kot, dia agak success dalam study. tapi susah juga kalau success n excel tapi u dunno what exactly u wana do!! its really sucks rite? cos u tau tapi u confuse.. tapi apapun seorang ni dia belajar je course dia sekarang cos dia tak tahu nak buat apa. n dia tgk dia boleh belajar, so dia teruskan lah.. tapi dalam hati, actually dia tiada passion utk bidang ni. dia takde sepenuhnya concern la.. haiz cane nak cakap ek? herm basically, dia belajr cos bapa dia suh dia jadi doctor, tapi dia tak suka subject anatomy. tapi sebab parents dia ada harapan tu pada dia, maka dia study la.. bukan medic la, tapi still medic-related kan? hehe. just lebih into chemistry je.. haiz haiz seorang, just keep the faith k? study bebaik and selamat berjaya! =)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

sembang awal pagi!

LOL boleh tak kalau saya taknak balik Uni.? Ermm macam pendek je cuti kan? Macam stress gila hidup ni kan? Huhu. nak cuti, nak cuti, nak cuti lagi.......... :( Mengapakah aku membesar begitu cepat! Sungguh menakutkan..

Lately, busy.. Busy gila.. watching World Cup matches! And tolong kawan edit story dia. Hehe. tanpa disedari, ada gak talent ku dalam bidang penulisan ek ek? ;) Saje je masa lapang, bukan ada payment pun.. tapi baca cerita pengarang tak bertauliah ni actually lagi best dari baca novel kat pasaran! Hehe. takde la sehebat Harry Potter tapi lebih high class and syok la dari baca novel novel Malaysia yang lain! Haha.

OK busy dengan fanfiction gak! Hehe. Its YunJae craziness again!! haha. i love YunJae k? I love cassies! Haha. Dah macam syok gila kan kan? Selain buku yang penuh fakta-fakta science dan segala ke'scientific' knowledge-an, hehe.. i love all fiction! Story memang cekap! Haha. Ini antara minggu terakhir.. So matlamat ku pada minggu ini : habiskan membaca semua siri fanfic yg ter'listed' dalam MUST-READ-FanFic! :) Hehe.

HoMin makin cool ek? JYJ : u makin Hot la. Haha. Erm Sunao Ni Narenakute telah tamat dengan rasminya. Sekarang, waiting for SungKyunKwan dan paradise Meadow! Haha. Hwaiting!! :)

Yeah im so happy cos Germany won last nite! Against Argentina.. Hwaiting Germany! Hope to see you in Final! Love Klose! Love Podolski gak! Ohh i support Netherlands too k? Pressie u fweaking HOT la.. Buat i drooling je tgk u! Haha.. Ooops stalk jejaka tampan n HOT plak kan sepanjang World Cup ni? ;) Hehe. Spain pun ada ramai yang HOT HOT! Hehe. Ohh ampuni aku.. Hehe.

Final stage preparation before balik Uni! ---> Shopping! :D

Psss : Diucapkan selamat pulang ke universiti masing-masing kepada Aiman n Ekin! Juga kepada Lynda n Leena.. kepada teman-teman yang dah di Uni selamat berjaya! Kepada Juniorku walau tak sekampus tapi i'll make sure u akan jumpa i juga! Haha. Selamat berjuang!

Watashiwa Saizen o Tsukushimasu! Gambateh ne!? Hwaiting! =)