Wednesday, December 30, 2009

!! Announcement daripada DEKAN Faculty ::

ALL First Years (Sem 2 session 2009/10) HARUS Mendaftar untuk 3 kursus ELEKTIF !

GOOD News !!

** My FAVORITE Subject ::> ORGANIC Chemistry is one of dis Sem subject!
** Ada NEW Lab Partner! =p
** New MENTOR !! ::> MISS Azrin --> SPORTING seihh !
** MONEY Cominggg...

BAD News !!

** 3 Subject KILLER
** Banyak Practical : 3 LAB Practical per week
** Class :: Morning (8@9am till 5pm) ANDDDDDDDD Starting JANUARY class will be from MONDAY TO SATURDAY!! I'm Gona DIE la... huhu
** Subjek ELEKTIF yang sangat pelik ! huhu

Apapun GAMBATEH La diucapkan untuk TAHUN 2010..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

24th Dec .. ;p

24th Dec ..
Christmas Eve! Every year asoo we think abou it as tat..
Lagi ada apa erk?? hehe...
( StOP berdRAMA!~ )

Semua orang (Opps mayb not all) kenal la budak nie ::> Farah-HONy MAszli..
Nak famous she called herself Ekin..
Nama yang diberikan oleh ayah-bonda dia Nur Farahani Asyikin Bt Maszli..
Sikit punya panjang!

Profile Ekin Maszli ( men-CAPUB gila =p)
- lahir pada 24 Dec, umur same wit me..
- pelajr SMK Raja Zarina ; MASS-Com UITM!

** Capu-Ekin stOry **

Kisahnya bermula pada tahun 2005..
Bdk RZ nie POYO gila da firz time i saw her.. Mmg sangat Menyampah la.. haha..
For those yang tak tahu :: Kita ni MUSUH Ketat tau!
Takle jumpa, takle talk, takle berdekatan :: Mesti ada repellant
Da concept macam Magnetic Field la.. SAME Charges Repel, tapi kita dua i not sure la charge apa.. memang tak sebulu la.. Wateva things she DO mesti i tak suka, takle terima la.. Same goes wit her.. The Story Continues till 2006! wahhh Setahun lebih gak la kita punya BULU tak sama.. Dalam hati memang sangat 'BENCI' la to one another.. [ duno da reason why! hehe.. ]

Tapi people change over time..

One day, Farahani Asyikin Maszli decided to change her style la..
** tak tersentap, Tak EMO sangat :: She becomes mature la, lebih Happening

So From that time on till now, we bcm close and even CLOSER Now! NOW after 4 years since we first met! Hahaa.. Pelik tapi BENAR! U noe wat she willingly fetch me fr home, drive me anywer.. her house and mine is very far tau! Tapi demi kasih sayang Ekin terhadap Capu, dia rela bekorban! haha.. i duno how tat happens, but dalam hati diakui la i LIKE Her la, and even better till now.. agak KAGUM gak aku dengan 'semangat and kesungguhan' minah nie.. Especially when she studying Psychology! =p and she also sosooooooooooo TALENTED and has very GOOD Skill la.. Whoeva NOES her will noe tis la..

Sooooooooo Akhir kata ....


Wishing Ekin

HAPPY 19th Birthday!
May GOD Bless u awisss...
LOVE u foreva!
i noe u can do well in life and ya da truth u soo GREAT, Cekappss during RC Nite! Congratsz ;)


I have a friend la, who i awis spend time with, go MOVIE together Eat together GOSSIP together!
Especially during holidayss, wahh u jus cant imagine we awis go out; so often! haha.. kira my holiday 90% spend with her la..

Now back in UKM --> SERIOZLy boring!
I miss la da Mamak Stall, TGV theatre, Shopping Mall, Gossip at Nite and many things i hav been doing each days last month... Above all ::> i MISS my friend, dat girl LJN sooooooooooo MUChhh la.. hehehe.. Serioss.. Now she's in Penang! will come back ony end of Dec! Mesti bowink my weekend witout her.. plus now i started BUSY with lectures, labs, tutorials..
[ Shit man!! ]

Hope to get some time to lepak, chat and be CRAZY again!!

** I pun missssssz sangat kat Farah-HONy, e-man buddy, Leong C. & mostly Jeannie, Lim! ;)

Mengarut di Xmas Eve! ;)

ramai orang zaman sekarang suka tanya kita.. :

"dah ada boyffrien or girlfriend ke, takde feeling ke"?.. ini yang sangat pelik..
when think about it haha rasa gila plaks! i pun tak paham motif disebaliknya..

One of my Fren said : "bercinta tapi tak bercouple"
Another statement : "Suka tapi takde hati"
Lagi plaks : "sayang tak berbalas"
Oops tak lupa : "single makes life easier"!

Rasa semua macam drama..
To me :: LOVE is a Necessity!
How it works?
ermmm LOVE tak semestinya between kekasih kan?
kita blh sayang pada kawan, pada adik abang kakak, mama-papa, mummy-daddy, ayah-ibu, aunty-uncle, and kalau banyak sgt kasih sayang we can share our love wit Pets ::> kucing, arnab, puppies, ikan, tortoise, penyu, lembu! haha (MISSSZ my Kacut!)

When think about it :> Its TRUE rite!?
Tak perlu pikir who is da Mr. right for u, no need to find time Go ON a Date, u can save up MONEy coss u dun have to buy stuff for bday or clothes to wear on date! =p
asoooooooo :: those people are naturally bonded to u like IONIC bond la sooooooooo STrong tat it is veryy difficult to Break! To have faith on someone is very hard rite?
i mean mos people like me won't TRUST a person tat easy rite..??

Juss think wat wud happen if u been betrayed :: menangis tak sudah, dissapointed all...
then u lik lost control of ursev: u cant focus on studies, career..

CONCLUSION ::> Focus on the MOST important things in Ur life tat is ur family, friends, career/study! dun waste time or sooooo hardly work to find ur soulmate semua..
Make it easy :: if u fail to do well in life, (jobless, fail exams) then u wont hav money, no tis no tat sooo how u wana live comfortably...

** GOSHH! I mengarut Again.. ~~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flash Back! ;p

19 years of living, memang superb cekap..
baby --> kanak-kanak --> remaja --> adults ( not Yet! )

this year 2009 :: i feel slightly different..
i now realize how short our life is, and how little time we had to be wasted anyway..
i decided to think of life in my own way..
To appreciate my life as it is by not expecting mysev to be someone else
To appreciate people around me :: my family, friends, parents, kittens!
To love someone sincerely and try to accept them the way they are..
To gets better, do well and work very hard to succeed in life :: Study, Job =p
To be proactive, effective, efficient, independent, idealistic and realistic..
to live HAPPILY in this world! =p

Sooooooooo guys u too hav to appreciate ur life..
sincerely and bravely face all the challenges on ur way
overcme the obstacles and do GOOD Things..
Voice out the truth and have faith on wat u think is right!
Gambateh! Jia Yu... :D

FOCUS 2010

Its time..

No MORE lepak-lepak, main-main..
Azam baru, MISI Baru !!
New Life, New Start ~ Gets Better tis year =)