Wednesday, October 28, 2009


2nd Paper..

Walao!! Hope i can Memorize~!

Enzymes je dah berjuta apatah lagi reactions n pathways n regulations..
Human Genome Project aso.. =(

GOD Bless Me ...


Monday, October 26, 2009

wat to do la ..

so many thingss in my mind right now..
want to write it now..
so tired, but cannot sleep! =p
haiyo low serotonin la me,
some interruptiong in Throsine Oxidation pathway...
anywayss, i will post again after this!
just ths that i can share with u till tis moment..
gona find some stuff to do!
besides study,cos my brain learning and memory centre has shut down itsev!~

goodbye and hav a gud rest!~
love ya, and keep VISIT me here k!?..

[ pss : visitors !! plss dun lie ar abou wat u saw in tis pics below!?
remember 6 second only !!..

Test Ur Self!

tell me guys wat u see here!
tis image is something related to you..
what di u see here within 10 second is wat really you..
tell me ya, honestly DO NOT LIE!! =p

i really admire da artist! hehe

Another Great Moment! =p

after habis exam paper anatomy sebentar tadi (3pm)..

menunggu Ekin, Aiman and Shida.. We plan to meet up today!
Mission :: Buy EKIN's speed light and apa benda tah..
:: Buy antivirus

sooo plan is tat dey will fetch me here in UKM..
i repeat >> Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Kampus Kuala Lumpur..
Lokasi :: Sebelah Institute of Medical Research,
berhampiran Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL)

Tis is it.. The place where dey shud come..

But GUESS wat!??
guyss i areadi repeating telling tis theory for many times..
=> wheneva ekin n aiman in the car :: sure the car, the driver and passengers aso will sesat!
even in KL, in kapar or klang.. haha.. ( who agree ?? )
** soo their story today, they suppose to come to location above..
but they r so smart ::> they go to HUKM Cheras!!
lol apakah maknanya ini ..??
wahhh i terkejut gilaa...
dey all mati2 torture me cakap has been waiting 1 hour + for me depan fakulti..
but bila i kuar tak nampak punn their car..
so i called again n ask where!??
dey say in front of Faculty of Medicine..
dangg sangat pelikks... after tanya tanya dan tanya ..
ony then they told me they at HUKM = hospital Uni, Kebangsaan Malaysia..
wtf! tut tut tutt..
i ask them cme here UKM but they go HUKM!
babe i study PHARMACY la, bukan Clinical year lagi pun nak gi sana! haha
soo lawak gila n i senyum kambing + gelak sorang2 sampai kat kolej..
soo last last i told them just pick me at Kolej Kediaman UKM berhadapan Tasik Titiwangsa..

4pm :: dey reach safely here.. call me, urge me come down within 5 mins..
or dey will bakar the whole college! suka hati je..
** when i entered the car : all of them dgn lagak poyo buat muka selamba+batu
i said "Hi!", they pura2 tak dgr n ignore me.. wat a trick la..
den i cakap
"ok la i belanja makan.. but jus Mcd! cos economy menurun =p"
baru mereka bersorak n talk to me..
baru nmpk muka nak kena sepak each one o them! haha

so then we go Kompleks *** ( dun remember the name! ),
SOGO, n Low Yat Plaza..
activity :: makan, toilet, buy ekin's speed lite, antivirus software!
lol mcm orang gila la da four of us! haha

perkara menarik dlm jelajah kami ...
1. Toilet Awam :: wahh! i duno yal eva seen one lik it anot..
serious like elevator tau.. u pay, u press button then doors open u enter n laksanakan misi!
haha.. i duno how, we jus saw one aunty goin it.. and all tis 3 fella buat lawak bodo n lawak kotor! i not listening ony, aso tambah asam garam to it then sebab jam soo terhenti depan toilet.. we predict tat the aunty might come out basah or looks lik sth els (catwoman myb!) soo then she cme out... n wit 'takle blah' expression ekin buat gaya bersyukur coss she stiill look lik the lady enter jus now.. paham tak?? haha.. biar je klu tak paham nanti yal survey sendiri!
2. syida mmg terror menyanyi! haha.. ( sorry! hope i can tahan fr tellin tis .. )

Nite :
** Jelajah KL :: area KLCC, Pusat bandar...
** Makan >> Restoran Kapal (Syida yg cakap)
- makan chicken chop, lamb chop, fish chop apa2 chop..
- i sgt tamak tp tak dapat habis punn last last tapau! hehe...
nwayss time nie best la..
kita pun dapat tgk Birthday Celebration of 'Bapuks' Group! \
seriouss! really Bapuk ~ tak tipu! hehe

10.20 :: Reach KTSN (Kolej Kediaman UKM)
- i sedih nak tinggalkan all of them.. happy je asyik gelak harini..
i thinking wether wanna stay here in UKM or balik KLANG soo i can have more time wit them..
tapi i kuatkan semangat stay in UKM la..
Coss nexx is BIOCHEMS paper! Killer babe.. bukan calang2 soalan..
apa la, huhu.. ooops lupa cakap!
i give then HUGS (except aimanla! haha) :: and i KISS Ekin, but tak kena sgt ceihhh~!


THink!ng .. ( ver. 1 )

Didn't i tell u guys tat my life r surrounded by BEAUTIFUL, GREAT, SKILLFUL, WONDERFUL and CHEERFUL ppl ??
herrm every moment of my life is very important and velli veli precious to me..
my family, my friends, my cats!, my life, my world~~

just think :: if u had a chance, and if GOD gives u chance wat is the 3 things listed on ur wish list??

soo my answer ...
1. Want to be with my family (parents, granny, bro n sis!, cats ) foreve
2. wants to stay along with my best frens wheneva n whereva i am
3. to live a life wit people i love!

** EMO seketika! **

My Final Exam :: Day 1 (09)

f.y.i, i sit for human anatomy & physiology paper today!
for my semester 1, Final Exams here in UKM ~
as expected, its really really killer, tough wan la..
but i feel so glad, so thankful cosss i think i manage to answer most Qs la..
haha.. maybe i dun get all of it correct la, but sooo so good coss i can answer the essay Qs!
3 hours in the exams hall :: mmg kejang perut!
i din take breakfast or my lunch soo my perut berbunyi tanpa henti! =p

jus wana tell u la wat comes out ...
- Regulation of Nervous System for Urinary, Respiratory and Cardiovascular System..
- Nerve transmission in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscles
- Regulation of Blood Pressure and Heartbeat
( banyak lagi bt i x really remember! )

Just MCQ part :: the ABCD wan is very velli hard la..
u get the answer WRONG then 1 mark will be deducted, not answering 1/2 mark deducted..
SO ?????
i manage to answer most la...
but yo ! Dr MOHAMMAD really inspire me today..
herm so COOL so Charismatic so CEkapps!~

nwayy still i have another 3 papers to go yet the toughest :: BIOCHEMISTRY! =p
48 hours from now! doink..
- hope i can do well for this paper as well -

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Perfect Love Story

Yal sedang membaca opinion dari someone yang takde experience pun dalam hal nie..

hehe.. mengapa di ambang final ni aku tak habis-habis blogging!
maybe dah few days tak cakap.. SERIOUS!! 1 week+ tak cakap.. hehe

My Perfect Love Story ..

U meet a guy ..
- good looking, smart, romantic, tak hipokrit, takkan dibuli oleh me!
- can get along wit my frens and family
noe each other ..
fall in love :: sgt strong bond
- dopamine sgt excite ursev, adrenaline sgt high hingga u berpeluh2, tak cukup tido coss low serotonin, increase in HB..
get married! =p
LIVE Happily Eva After .. :DD

( end of story! )

Moral :: Study first k? No Money, No LOVE .. [ di bumi yg nyata! ]

Happy 16!

Wishing Happy Birthday to my bro!..
haizz kenapa la aku selalu tak dpt celebrate birthday of my family members..
semua lahir masa my exam day! (ceday!)
nways, walau u selalu lepak at my room n memekak ingat karaoke box apa, tapi i tetap sayang u la... haha.. mana ada kakak tak sayang adik..
ermm lagi satu, ko mmg malas belajar! juss hope ko ada kesedaran sikit n dapat result baik for SPM nex year! Mosst important :: i LOVE yuu bro ~

24 hours to go!

Mesti orang ingat aku gila.. coss asyik menghitung hari je..
Jus F.y.i la, i hav 8 papers exam berlangsung dalam 4 weeks!
hehe.. Tapi, pelik ke kalau i said tat i onyy worried bou two papers??
Physio and Biochems.. haha..

Tak caya cuba u study! act kalau study awal takde la stress sgt..
tak susah jus kena ingat nama 12 cranial nerves, function untuk setiap hemisphere otak, setiap division, spinal cord, spinal nerves, heart!, respiration, hormones, blood, and anatomy setiap struc dlm badan.. haha.. asoo nama enzymes! protein struc, metabolic pathways, regulation, abnormalities, medicines n drugs struc! haha.. sorry saja jer cakap!.. Susah actually mana taknya..

Jus imagine u nak paham behavior adik u, brp banyak mechanism involves.. Simplest form la at rest brp u punya Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume, renal flow, GFR, berapa metabolic pathway :: renin-angiotensin-aldosterone, glycolysis, deamination etc ( just a few k?)..
seberapa complex u rasa nak paham apa ur bf now thinking, secomplex itu la our body functioning! hehe..

anyways, memang gila la coss semua orang tgh study! ( sunyi je UKM takde sound langsung )
tapi aku mcm orang gila dr tadi online..
tp aku tak rasa stress utk study, juss stress cos tak STRESS! haha..
wat kind of human is tis (dun try tis k?)

OK!! wish me luck for my paper tis MONDAY!
semoga i can ans my paper dgn baik.. wish to be listed in Dean List tis year!
ada lagi satu Sems awaits! haha..

psss :: Good luck for ur final too! ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Di Ambang Final..

Takdir dan kuasa Tuhan tu mmg besar la..

Kesnya begini..
Thursday (22 Oct ) : first time aku rasa excited nak gi campus (sblh IMR dan HKL)

maklumlah dah nak end of Sems 1 and dah nak final.. haha.. sooo, pergi gak la campus!
nak amik Exam Slip, Kad membership MPS (M'sia Pharmaceutical Society!=p) and kena jumpa mentor a.k.a Lecturer anatomy.. dlm 30 min gak la dgr dia cakap! hehe..
dalam perjalanan pulang ke kolej kediaman (Tasik Titwangsa-naik Bus k?) hujan pun dgn lebat dan aktif dan gemuruhnya turun.. ermm walaupun station bus dekat tp probsnya stil basah la..
and probs wit me :: i takle kena hujan punn.. huhu..

Pastu time tu terlupa plak abou tat! maka setibanya di college, aku makan nasi lemak+keropok lekor+Teh Ais+
Ice Cream(2 batang kot!).. huhu...
ermm maka setibanya di bilik, badan aku rasa satu mcm.. Tp aku tak wat pape.. Jus gi mandi.
Tp mmg pelik la.. Mata rasa berpinar, Otak rasa berpusing, Badan mmg imbalance la pastu sejuk yg amat la.. huhu.. Misi sepatutnya semalam habiskan Heart Physio tapi dah keadaan macam ni..
maka aku decide la tido kejap..
Tp KLIMAKS nya selama berjam2 aku berguling, berpusing, berselubung di bawah blanket..
dan dekat 2 hari gak la tido.. Thurs and Fri! Now punn tgh demam..
Erm walau aku study Medicines tp satu weakness i takle makan Ubat.. So semua sumbangan Panadol, PCM (Paracetamol) berkumpul di side katil.. nak wat caner, mmg takle terima..
Nak balik tp mmg sgt risky cos i haven finish studying..

Conclusion :: Berserahlah.. Semoga apa aku study b4 tis melekat dan mampu menjawab exam sebaik mungkin.. Asooo..., jgn last min study! huhu..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SPKG and UKM....

semalam ada satu interview ..

untuk SPKG :: Generic Competency Evaluation System!

ermm macam-macam expectations and macam2 benda we nd to do as UKM students..

and being a student of UKM nie tak senang..
Expectations sgt HIGH ..
Not ony in academic, asoo soft skill, communications, leadership..
kira UKM mmg nak melahirkan student yang berkebolehan dlm pelbagai aspek la..
tapi, apapun mmg PENAT la kat sini..


Try be here then you akan mengerti la.. haha..
Bukan nak scare you owat jus my opinion la..
maybe i among ppl tat think abou it tis way tp ntah la..
kalau taknak stress, tak nak jadi gila kena pandai bahagi masa..
pandai cari kawan..
and tahu da best way untuk release tension!!

erm berbalik kpd SPKG..
thankss to my mentor la :: En Ariffin!
Sporting kot, lepak gak la..
tapi honestly menggigil kot lutut sblm interview!
thanks god! everything OK, cekapp la..
but he actually wan us to talk la.
so TALK, TALKING and setaraf dgnnya mmg kebolehan aku ..
so maka dgn jayanya, interview itu berlangsung dan dgn penuh kelegaan la aku tido!

tapi, stilll ..
SPKG ini akan menjadi darah daging budak UKM smpi la grad!
take care guys!


to my juniors and friends :: BEST kan kalau kita blh membina Fellowship of UKM!
hahaha... hope sm of you will be here soonn! =)

Hanya la aku! =)

lagi-lagi bou ME! =p

dah 19 years dah hidup, tapi rasanya mcm sekejap jer..
Bila dah membesar nie, mula lah rasa nak Mengecil!
i mean bila dah menginjak usia dewasa, rasa nak kembali ke zaman KIDS!
Masa kanak-kanak aku ni agak KELAM sikit! (tak tahu nak guna words apa! )
erm aku takde la bermain hide-and-seek, congkak, batu seremban semua..
SERIOUSLY!! i tak TAHU main punnn.. Jus baca kat buku jer..
hahaha.. Waktu kecil aku tak lain tak bukan ialah BERFANTASY!;)
i mean i waktu kecil selalu baca Fantasy Novel cam Harry Potter, Narnia..
Ermm DISNEY Princess punya...
Just f.y.i la, i ada byk collections buku-buku nie..
asoo ada collections teddy bear yg sangat byk at home! i punya k?? ;p
kira zaman kanak-kanak aku tak meriah la cam orang lain..
selalu menyepi, senyap jer..
Tp i REALLY Love it!

Tp SAPURA 19 years later tak payah cakap la..
Sooo, akt TAK Blame la kalau korang or sesaper je tak percaya kalau aku cerita hal nie to them...
tapi betul la kan mmg camtu kot sejarah hidup aku..

Kira aku berbangga la jadi diri ku..
hehehe... sampai sekarang.

Capu and life! = version 2

erm ders smthing yg buat me confuse+pelik+serba salah..

jus imagine :: Kita pernah JANJI and kita mmg berpegang pada Janji.
Tp janji pun satu amanah la dah janji kena laksanakan sampai bila2 pun kan..
Tp manusia, kalau janji tu dibuat dgn 3 orang, if one of us dah tak pegang padanya,
manakala satu lagi tak tahu la tgh buat apa.., so org ke-3 ni jadi pelik la..
i mean confuse la, tak tahu nak pegang pd janji k atau let it go je..

ermm, ini pun hal yang tak tahu la blh consider janji ke tak..
tp disebabkan kata-kata orang aku punn mcm tak tahu nak buat apa..
tp my mum cakap ikut apa hati kita nak.. hahaha..
Tp tak syok plak kalau kita jer berpegang padanya tapi orang lain, hampeh!..~

apapun, JANJI untuk Ditunaikan!

Capu and life!

sejak masuk UKM nie... ada few things listed utk dilaksanakan..

1. Try to adapt dgn cara hidup yg skema, nerd, awiz pegang buku, study as main priority!
* Biar betulll!!! ermmm tak tahu la, mmg i am born to bcm SKEMA-tik person kot! hahaha.
huhu.. peliknya kalau aku nie betul skema. apa la jd student Science je mesti orang ingat kena jd skema.. Tp dis x apply to SAPURA la kan?? hehehe.. Aku takla skema jus sometyme tu agak bengong a.k.a BLUR a.k.a tak paham sikit jer! hermm jgn salah tafsir erk?? hehe.. kira in other words aku nie budak lurus la.. hahaha.. SUCI kot pemikiran! hehehe.. tapi apapun aku cakap, apapun yang dilakukan memang la STUDY is Main PRIORITY! hehehe..

2. Manage time dgn baik!
** Hehe, ni tak tahu la da TRUTH kan>?? hehehe.. Actually i suka buat assignment tapi tak suka study.. hahaha... best kot time tu.. Manage time dgn baik rasanya lebih pada non-academic activity la seperti makan, menonton wayang.. hahaha.. jusss study part bila smpi masa study nie, otak aku blank plak.. haiz.. In conclusion :: Tak membahagi masa dgn baik la! =p

3. Nak LAPTOP baru!

* Hahaha.. Erm tis year aku mmg kaya la, mewah kot!
Case nya last year my parents bought me a laptop :> TOSHIBA ..
Tp atas kebijaksanaan sy, maka LAPTOP itu terjatuh dr meja setinggi 0.8m ke lantai menyebabkan LCD pecah.. Kos baiki is estimated to be RM1800+. haha. Bak kata my dad better buy new wan la. haha.. Eyh lupa nak btaw! masa tu laptop tu baru guna for 2 weekss!... Kwang, kwang, kwang.. inilah takdir namanya.. So Pengajarannya :: Jagalah harta benda anda dgn baik!=p
** So memandangkan pada tahun ini i dah dpt sponsor utk 4 years life kat uni, mmg cekap la..
hahaha.. actually plan nak beli laptop biasa jer.. hahaha. Tp You Know Me! Mana ada istilah berjimat n JANGAN utk barang yang i suka.. hahaha.. Maka dgn jayanya i spend 3K= for my new laptop! hahaha.. Mmg Flying without WINGS la duit-duit sy.. hahaha.. tp NO Regret!;)

4. Nak kumpulkan Koleksi METEOR!

OOPs Meteor??
Dun worry.. apa yg dimaksudkan ialah Meteor Garden(taiwan) + Hana Yori Dango (Japan) + Boys OVer Flowers(Korea)! hahaha..
Misi ke-4 berjaya... hehehehe.. and f,.y.i la i dah khatam tgk semua movie nie.. paling tak blh blahhh, menjelang Final Exam i dah tgk Boys Over Flowers 4 kali, all episodes within 3 days! hahah.. Tak tido malam, tak wat report, tak buka buku punn! hehehe.. Cari maut namanya..
Tp mmg puas hati la.. Damn COOL. Damn Cekapp la da STORYY!! hehehe..
So Fellowship of BOF :: Sila cepat2 habiskan watch the movie k?? den kita gossip to the MAX! hahaha.. ermmm lagi best, banyak kali kot i mimpi my SNOW Prince!=p

5. ni misi serious punya.. iaitu DEAN LIST!

Sape tak nak kot.. Pointer kena kejar 3.6+.. sgt tinggi n very hard to get..
Based on my way of studying, mmg rasa susah la nak gapai.. Bagai menggapai bintang di syurga la.. hahaha. Anyway, i'll do my BEST and Study kao kao untuk make sure la dapat da best result! SERIOUS niee... =)

all dari Capu,..
yang tgh kehabisan idea n kemerengan akal..
tq atas perhatian anda!;p

Di AMBANG Finals..

Hanya TUHAN shj yang tahu sekarang, ..

rasa mmg my fault la study main-main.. hehehe..
Tapi takle nak buat apa la kan mmg CAPU punya style!
Bertimbun msg dan nasihat dan kata2 utk motivate menjelang finals...
especially drpd Teman-teman Tp Mesra!=p

Yang takle blah, i still relax..
apa la study mmg study! hahaha..
Tp setiap 1 hour je dah tak dpt [ ] .. maka duduk la di hadapan laptop ku ini..
hehehe.. Mengarang sajak, puisi dan cerpen! hehe..
Study i hour : Melepak 2 hour! haha
itu la ratio drpd rutin hidup ini.

Apapun GAMBATEH ! Chaiyo, Chaiyo! Good LUCK ! Selamat Berjaya!

Not onyyy for myself,

asoo pada coursemate Pharmacy UKM..
Seterusnya, pada STPM warriors...
Tak dilupakan pada sahabat handai di UiTM, dan Uni2 yang selanjutnya..
Aso budak2 SPM yang tersayang! hehe
Dan tak dilupakan pada my bro yang akan duk SPM tak lama lagi..
Tp takle blah asyik GAME-ing je, Buku ntah ke mana...
Tp apapun i WILL awizz LOVE you guys! muaz, muaskkkzzz... =)

Kasih sayang yang tak terhingga! haha...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Cancer Astrology :: mY sign@turE..!=>

Cancer Strength Keywords:

- Loyalty
- Dependable
- Caring
- Adaptable
- Responsive

Cancer Weakness Keywords:

- Moody
- Clingy
- Self-pitying
- Oversensitive
- Self-absorbed

Cancer and Independence:

Cancer is the astrology sign that is packed full of contradictions so when it comes to independence, they possibly can or can not be independent. On one side, they have the perseverance and drive to do what needs to be done, they are self-sufficient and do not need to depend on other people for the material and physical things in life. On the other hand, they depend on people for emotional support and encouragement. A Cancer that is not fully self-actualized will need the constant support of others and will not be very independent but the Cancer that is 'evolved' and has properly harnessed their emotional issues will be wildly successful as an independent human being. They crave attention and comfort from other people and they are happiest when they have a small, close knit group of friends or family.

Cancer and Friendship:

Cancer is extremely loyal to those who appreciate and support them, they are the nurturer of the zodiac and will protect and cherish the person for a long time. One of the greatest things about Cancer is their ability to make others feel good about themselves and loved. This is because instead of doing this for themselves, they project this onto other people. This is a positive cycle because in making others feel nurtured, wanted and loved, they in return feel good for making someone feel good. Other people can lean on and depend on cancer, they will listen to people's problems and help them however they will rarely express their own deep feelings to anyone. People who want to share deep emotional thoughts and opinions with a Cancer might feel that the scales are tipped on one side for cancer will rarely reveal it's true deep feelings. A friend of Cancer is usually a lifelong devoted friend that can be trusted.

Cancer and Business:

Once cancer resolved their emotional issues such as shyness and insecurity, the powerful character will shine though, there is practically nothing they can't do. They have incredible perseverance and will stand up for what they believe in. With their strong intuition, sensitivity, powers of observation and intelligence, they will have great success in anything they undertake. They are excellent business people and investors because of their intuitive and psychic ability and their creative forward thinking mind, they are able to predict future trends. They attract wealth very well and know where to invest. Money and financial well being is very important to Cancer and this can help their drive in business. They need financial security and if they allow themselves to properly focus their energy and do not allow their emotions to over take them, they are more then capable of obtaining their financial goals and being incredibly successful business people.

Cancer Temperament:

They are complex, fragile, unpredictable and temperamental and need constant support and encouragement, more then any other astrology signs, Cancer needs to be needed. Even when all needs are satisfied, they can be irritable and cranky. They have an uneasy, delicate temperament. The contradictory nature of Cancer gives their temperament the wild mood swings and possible temper tantrums. They are easily offended and will sulk and wallow in self pity for a long time when they get hurt.

Cancer Deep Inside:

It is difficult for cancer to open up and have a close emotionally fulfilled relationship with someone because they are so closed off emotionally and physically to the world. This is driven by their fear of trust, Cancer has a difficult time trusting people. This causes built up anger and resentment inside, the contradictory nature really takes a toll on them and they can have a negative outlook on life, thinking that life is just too hard and miserable. This is unfortunate because when good experiences are to be had, they are skeptical of people and their surroundings and they experience tunnel vision due to their depressed outlook and they miss the nice things and happy experiences in life that make it worth living. In addition to lack of trust for people, Cancer is deeply sensitive and easily hurt, this is other reason why they have their defense shell in place, to avoid being hurt by others. Cancer lives in the past. They hold past events close to them and often dwell on the past. They have to learn to let go and live in the present instead of spending their time being sick with nostalgia. Cancer has a lot of emotional issues to deal with but once they overcome this large hump of shyness and insecurity, there is practically nothing they can't do. With their strong intuition, sensitivity, powers of observation and intelligence, they will have great success in anything they undertake. Cancer is constantly feeling, feelings and emotions are hallmarks of this sign and this is the root of their problems, human beings are not as evolved in the emotional area and this is where cancer gets the brunt of their problems. They are the ones who have to cope with their strong feelings more so then any other sign. Once properly harnessed, there is nothing that is this powerful astrology sign can not accomplish. Harmony is very important to Cancer, it keeps them happy. Conflict of any kind causes great distress. Deep inside, Cancer is a very powerful sign, they have the ability to stand up for what they think is right and they have lots of perseverance and can be fine on their own provided they don't let their emotions get the better of them and have the stability they need. They are not fond of change but they have the ability to do what needs to be done, they are not pushovers or lazy people.

Cancer in a Nutshell:

Cancer is a mysterious sign, filled with contradictions. They want security and comfort yet seek new adventure. They are very helpful to others yet sometimes can be cranky and indifferent. Cancer has a driving, forceful personality that can be easily hidden beneath a calm, and cool exterior. The crab is Cancer's ruling animal and it suits them well, they can come out of their shell and fight but they can also hide in their shell of skitter away back into the depths of the ocean. They are very unpredictable. With cancer, there is always something more that meets the eye, for they are always partially hidden behind the shell. They are a have a deep psyche and intuitive mind that is hidden from the world. Cancer is deeply sensitive and easily hurt, this might be why they have their defense shell in place, to avoids being hurt by others. They are nurturers so they surround themselves with people, whom after a while can offend or hurt a cancer without even knowing they did so, therefore Cancer's protective shell keeps them safe from hurt. They are complex, fragile, unpredictable and temperamental and need constant support and encouragement, more then any other astrology signs, Cancer needs to be needed. When cancer gets the support it needs, it has a tremendous amount to offer in return. When cancer gets offended, they tend to sulk instead of confronting the persons face to face. This needlessly prolongs the pain and suffering. Cancer is very possessive, not just with material possessions but with people as well. Cancer will always want to stay in touch with old friends and anyone who has ever been close to them, because it is easier to maintain a friendship then attempt to learn to trust a new person. It is easier this way for them emotionally. If you befriend a Cancer, you will stay friends for a long time. Cancer makes the perfect mother, this is the sign that represents motherhood. They have unconditional love and caring more so then any other astrology sign. Cancer are very intuitive. Most of the psychics of the world are Cancer astrology signs. They have an excellent memory and are very observant and can read people very well. They can usually tell of other people's intentions are good or not. Never dupe a Cancer, they can see your motives. Cancer has a lot of emotional issues to deal with but once they overcome this large hump of shyness and insecurity, there is practically nothing they can't do. With their strong intuition, sensitivity, powers of observation and intelligence, they will have great success in anything they undertake.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What The H***!

2nd October 2009

Guess wat, hari ni esp malam nie i mmg bengang.. i bengang sgt-sangat sampai rasa nak menangis and nak cakap all da bad words in da world.. Wat, he think he is so good, so smart, so talented and so soo wat lahhh... I duno why he busy commenting on wat i am doing, i duno why that stupid fella dare to say such a thing..
Kalau u fikir u bagus, there is someone out there who much mucchh better than you la..
sooooo, stop all this la.. Kita beramal dgn ILMU, bukan berlagak k?? U think u noe lots of things ar?? HENTIKAN la coss u now tgh cakap dgn Sapura.. I dunno the Fortune Teller said my WORDS is Convincing, but i bukan nak ayat orang owat k?? Kalau u tak tahu gambaran sebenar in tis world, if u duno ME and if u dun even NOE a single Thing abou me :: Then pls la do NOT act as u noe everything and simply said those words to me..

If u dun like seeing me :: Den STAY Out of Places Wer i am la
If U hated me :: Then GO Away la
If U Think u're soo CLEVER :: Plss la, coss i am Sapura k?
If U Hated PPL like me :: Den Go Stay in The Jungle,
Stay On ur Own, Dun Mix Up Wit Ppl la..
If U Wana Me Appologise :: wtf, Get Loss la wei..

I won't say its all ur fault :: Some of it is mine.. But hello who ask u to go comment..
If u nak LASER me >> There will be hundreds of ppl can TEMBAK u back la stupid,,
soooo jgn sibuk datang jumpa i after tis, or dun dare to comment or say anything bou tis ..
CASE Closed :: I wil forget about tis if and ony if u stay out of my way..
and da, u mmg gila poyo >> and jus bcos PROFESSIONALISM that i wil work wit u again, cos need to be here in dis faculty for another 3 years++..

pss :: ya you're so pitiful coss u x understand mee.. and so so pitiful cos u're not dat smart to comments on me and yaeh bcoss u're so narrow minded makes u so desperate to shine!

Moral >>
Knowledge is POWER :: It helps us to be SMART
To Act Appropriately


soo, be SMART!=)

psss : Anyway thanks guys for listening to me! I really appreciate that..