Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dalam DILEMA ! =(

DILEMA Lagi ...

Juss think Bou THIS !
i EAT 3 times a day :: Mesti high-Carbohydrate meal...
Then setiap kali makan mesti ada DAGING :: Protein+LEMAK..
Kira aku nie Species CARNIVORE la ( Dominant )
coss i tak SUKA makan SAYUR !! hehe..
and aso lately, i banyak TIDO and tak BANYAK involve dalam Physical Act..

THEORETICALLY ini adalah GAYA Hidup yang SIHAT tp tak sangat la..
Cos my DIET tak BERAPA Seimbang, TINGGI Calori..

Tapii yang MUSYKILnya..
Kenapalahhh my BODY Weight tak naik .. !
hahha.. SAMA Je...
Ikut BMI :: Underweight..! ;)

** Takpe CUBA lagi UNTUK masa depan ! **

Three MORE !!

Three More to GO !

;D Wah CEKAPP la..
Setiap hari akulah manusia paling SEMPOI!
Orang BELAJAR, aku bertungkus lumus buat T*** Mata !!
Bukan berLAGAK tapi aku mmg perlu banyak REST dr BELAJAR last-last min camni..

i need to BE patient !
COSsss MUST wait another 1 week+ b4 Sems Break..
Nways JUS da SAME coss have to come back here smtym for one project..

** Nanti Bila DI KLANG, Mesti I MISS UKM !! =p **
Biasalah MGS yang dah 2 years ditinggalkan tu pun aku MISS gila...
TERINGIN Jadi HIGH School Student balikss.. ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

=) Now Thinking ..

tis is beautiful ..

" As time passes, is there anything that will never change?
Each as we are filled wit memories, but time will never turn back..
Spring replaces winter..
Even the heart change, how will the others .. "

I came across tis as i click on net..
Actually i'm searching for some medicines i duno why suddenly gt poems...=p


As reading it, i ponder a while..
Thinking what cud it be ??
the THING tat will Never Change as time pass..

i have an answer but i still feel uncertain..
How can i be certain of it..
i willing to TRUST but Not be Betrayed..
Given up my ALL never think of eva GAIN a cent..

Theoretically, HOW to answer??
Cos heart of a person never da SAME each time it beats!
it changes as blood flows, as time passes by and as its myogenically contract/relax..

... ... ... ... ... ...

Go After Ur Dreams

You're GOOD but you're going to be GREAT ..
You're the BEST but You're going to get BETTER ..
Sometimes the path we takes are long and hard ..
Those are always the ones that lead to the most BEAUTIFUL views..

Challenges come along inevitably ..
How u respond to them determines who YOU are..
** Deep down inside and who YOU gonna be ..
Increase the chances of reaching ur GOALS by working at them GRADUALLY..
The VERY Best U can do is wat is ASKED of you..

Realize that you are capable of working miracles of ur OWN making
Remember that opportunities have a reason for knocking u on ur door
and the RIGHT ones are there for the taking ..
You DON'T always have to Win ..
But you DO need to Know what it takes to be a WINNER!

It is up to you to find the key that unlocks the door to a more fulfilling life..
Understand that INCREASED Difficulty brings u NEARER to the TRUTH ..
Of how to SURVIVE and gets BEYOND it!

Cross ur BRIDGE..
Face ur Challenges..
Reach out for ur dreams and bring them closer and closer to ur heart..
Get RID of "only IFs", and get on with what you need to do to get things right..

Go AFTER what u WANT in Life..
with BLESSINGS of people who care about you..
Find out what MAKING ur Dreams Comes tRUE feels like.. =)

by :: Collin McCarty

Soo NEVER Give Up..
But First :: Think of What u Really Dream of..
Or else there's nothing for u to chase..


The branch of medicine that study factors affecting health and diseases in a large populations.
Deal with incidence and prevalence of disease in large populations with detection of cause and prevention of diseases.

Most cases involves influenza virus which has high reproductive and survival rate which mutates independently to form new virus.
Example :: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
:: H1N1 -
:: Nipah Virus

Future Planning

2009 is like a new era la for me..
first year life as degree student! haha..
macam-macam cerita n mcm-mcm ragam ...
But still tis is MY Life! =)

1. With 2nd JPA Scholar ..
** Buy new HP, Camera n etc..
** Save money! =p
** Shopping! lol

2. 2nd Semester UKM
** Study baik-baik :: Dean list! (Gambateh!..)
** Kejar merit untuk stay dlm college for 2nd year
** Join Organizer Team utk college! =p
3. Driving License
** Must do properly tis time n get P b4 end of 2009!
** Tis is my t**** time d! (Malu!~)
pss :: its da most dissapointing test for me!

4. Explore UKM and KL
** KL mmg selalu explore tp shopping complex je..
Sekarang must be more active! =p
** Develop semangat i LOVE UKM bak kata YDP FFar aku tu!
** Bak kata Dr Mohammad :: life is not about study..
Now i adore, admire n likes him more .. a charismatic guy!
pluss at age 35,
he's one of the 4 Clinical Pharmacist PhD holder in Malaysia! Wahh..

5. Go Vacation/Holiday/Trip
** Cos i'm weak in language stuff so i tak dpt differentiate sgt perbezaan tis three words! =p
- Go Holiday with my coursemates
- Holiday/Reunion with MGS gang..
- Holiday wit my BFF n EXCO 06

1 week to go!

Left ony 1 week..
After tis, lepak for one month! hehe..
But NO lepak la coss still hav to come back here UKM sometyme coss i'm in Organizing Comm for 40th Anniversary UKM Celebration tis June.. lol

Now sooo CONFUSE!
Plan for holiday but still have no decision on this..
Everytime gt new idea, new place to go!
huiyo PENAT la.. Plus NOT many repli me..
Awiss da SAME person replying!
So i Decided tis ..
If dey wana come n join us, den dey pandai2 cari n inform me la..
Malas la nak spend time and credit for this! =(

Ok la malam2 buta nie suka merepek!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Movie Again!

1st Nov 09 :: Jusco BBT, TGV Hall 8; 1.45pm

watching >> Jennifer's Body =p

actually i mmg interested dgn movie yg ala-ala vampire nie..
yang fantasy semua la, so decide nak tgk la..
Plus, actress Megan Fox!
so nak tgk la sejauh mana hebat n cekapp nya perempuan yg dikatakan pesaing Angelina Jolie ni! ( but i lg suka Jolie k??)

Hot sgt k Megan Fox ni??~!..
Tak kisah la,dia bisex k trans k yang penting dia mmg memiliki either Ovary or Testis! haha..

Berbalik ke movie ni,
Rating :: 4/10
takla best sgt, mcm normal je.. tp suspens gakla, jus aku tak jerit!;)

now waiting for ::> New Moon and 2012!

** Jean selalu post dulu dari i!? =(

A New Life!

Alkisah, my senior PLY!

This is Cherylene Low Sze Wynn.. Born :: 31st Oct, 3.22 am in Sunway Medical Centre..
a baby girl..
So cute!!
even i tak visit (atas sbb tertentu!)
tapi i tgk GERAM gila lahh.,..
Pluss tersentuh HATIKU! haha..

Bilalah our turn kan?? =p

CONGRATS to PLY! U Roxx mummy..

** now i thinking :: apa ek Baby PLY will call me?? ** Aunty Capu!?? wahhh ...