Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is it!

Just imagine this..... U know the truth about something yet u act sooo (imsorryforusingthisword) stupidly and be ignorant to do what's best about it..

take this as example la...

U know that smoking is bad.. U do know (thou without proper and high science educations) that smoking has terrible effects on ur health as well as people around u.. and u do know that a cigarette contains more than 4000 dangerous chemicals which with one inhalation may shorten ur lifetime by 6 mins.. but why are u still smoking??? Goshh what the heck! i dun mind u killing urself k? but think of ur kid a.k.a fetal + ur wife! Grr, seriosly u want ur baby to have some mental deformation izit? or u want ur wife to suffer from some serios respiratory illness by sitting near them and smoke!?

When GOD is soo KIND and generous for giving human a superbly-efficient-most-complex-wonders-most-developed-nervous system a.k.a brain + the ability to think and differentiating the fahey cts and the reality of something but yet human act so ignorant and do wateva they pleased with life! u dun have to be Einstein to think ok? cosss u just have to throw away ur ignorance and be more concern about others! yeah i wud call that man selfish for doing that! seriosly what the heck he's thinking! super annoying! and wifey, please.. no matter how much u respect ur hubby u shud be more concerned in taking care of ur health! just shove him away from u! like seriosly... i wud do that if that guy is my uncle or relatives!

One more thing i really wonder.. not out of curiosity but i really find this weird.. This : "A health practitioner's duty is to sustain a healthy environment and lifestyle of mankind. Plus, they need to work hard with all the professional skills and knowledges they get from years of study and implying it to provide proper and better health to human population!" (well said huh?) but like seriosly, why u spend 6-7 years of studying about diseases, epidemio, athemiology of diseases plus studying physiologic aspects of human body (alongtimeoflifespentonreadingsuperduperlythickbooks) but u kind of wasting it by doing things like say SMOKING!! gosh it is really super-duperly-annoying-and-extreme-idiotic-for-any-medical-practtioner-or-students to smoke! really i did think that way! i dun despised or look down at u guys but halloooo u above all person must know more and understand more about this ok! whats the use of u giving advices to 1000 patients regarding their health, participate in "NO Tobacco Campaign", learning about the consequences of diseases, reading thousands of journals when u wasting it stupidly by smokinG! *gash im super mad huh?*

And yeah i really agreed, totally agreed with my dean! he and all my lecturers have the same view about this! like seriosly, if u really appreciate ur career, ur effort and ur knowledges u will not do this.. And above all, i really cant believed that (lets focus in malaysia), that 4% of smokers population in Malaysia are women! to be exact women of age 20-35 years old! like WTH!! :( Its a drastic increase girls... and why u need to smoke girls? TOP reasons : diet, stress, the so called 'human-instincts-to-try-on-things'! WTH! U know the consequence later on? especially for pregnancy?? There alots of healthier way of dieting, of relieving stress than that ok! u can do much better but.... haiz this is no goood ok! smoking can develop TOLERANCE! its the same as drug addiction.. little by little ur tolerance build stronger... and there the story goes on!

soo people pleaz pleaz pleaz la be more aware of this kind of things! if i nag at u guys bou this pleaz dun be mad or ter'sentap' with me k coss u noe 'where i stand on'! n yeah, i will seriosly nag and super-showing-u-annoying-look ok! believe me! i will! those ppl who had experience bou this dun expect me to change k? like seriosly i nag at my dad till he wont smoke at home unless im asleep or far away from me! im not trying to pretend wana better health in this degree of world population.. but this is my right ok! soo i have every right to voice out my opinion and to stand for my right of having better health!

Like seriosszly!

*pss : sorry for the use of some harsh words while writing!

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