Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh YES! I am ALive! :)

Wahh! Life has never been this busy before... With bundles of assignments, reports to do... Plus... A lot of books to read its very hard for my brain to think of something other than EXAMS! Hehe..
STRESS!!! Yeah No doubt! but thats what u need to overcome in order to gain success rite? I really decided to put my brain for MAXIMUM use for the next 4 years of my degree... And for the AFTER-DEGREE Life! Haha.. I think i will ENJOY My Job! So yeah! I think i have stop complaining! Except for the fact that we stil have to do the Community Service things... And Soon the course where we need to do all the administration, organisation stuff.. Seriosly! With 8 subjects, in less than 5 months... But YEAH i am STILL ALIVE okie! ;>

And yeah my mind alwis lost the ideas of what to be written here.. But when i met my old friends, u noe how much chaos we've caused! haha. Seriosly 72 hours of travelling from one fren to anotherz house! Of cors, having lots of frens really a great thing! u can experienced various things and encounter different CHALLENGES cos of cors human are different! ;) Hehe..

Lets talk about raya soon.... :) How was UR Raya Everyone?
Hope u enjoy! Selamat Hari Raya! =)

Signing out now... --> ME! :D

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