Monday, August 30, 2010

Malam Merdeka!

This is Malaysia.. 53rd year of Independence! ;)
to be exact Malaysia formed only for 47 years.. 1957 for Persekutuan Tanah Melayu! Hehe..

Actually i forgot that today is 31st August.. U see, I've been busy preparing for exams.. And seriosly my 2nd year is no any better than 1st year.. With 9 subjects, just imagine how much hell i go through, how many pages i have to flipped open in a day to read.. Gr.. no wonder my eyesight consider as awful! ;) Plus, this is EXAMS Week... So other than FB and Yahoo Mail, i really dont remember other things or exposed to any kind of entertainment/news! i just read books ok! ;) Hehe.

OK now lets brag about Merdeka.. One thing for sure, merdeka is a global thing.. It has sooo broad meaning to be describe in words.. But one thing for sure, merdeka doesn't mean "LOSING COMMITMENTS!" or "Let go of things" or "FREED From anything"... OK i know my words like not making any sense rite now... Believe me if u read one genre of books, in my case, science stuff, ur vocabulory will be limited to science field... I cant understand what Shakespeare said, soo i dunno how to use his words in describing things! Haha.. See i gt lost again..

Ermm i think will continue writing soon.. ;) And duh, i have one more blog at ... *where where?* Its mostly about My Music, My Idols... Basically all about Kpop, Jpop! :) Hehe.. Mostly on Jung YUnho! Haha.. So i normally updates stuff there! Under different names... ;)

Btw, for those of u who doesn't know... I already changed my FB username to ---> Miszc Jung Sap! haha.. Cheeky rite? but cant deny.. Im sooo In LOVELOVELOVE with Jung yunho! :) I know and understand perfectly well that we both wont ever be together, but hallooo... let me enjoy my dream for a while! ^^ Take care and have a good rest everyone...

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